miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

Ehud Olmert se va

Olmert se va. En septiembre no se presentará a la reelección en las elecciones de su partido.(Ynetnews)

I am proud to be the prime minister of a country that investigates its prime ministers," he said. "The prime minister is not above the law, but he is in no way below it." Haaretz, una parte del discurso televisasado

Estoy orgulloso de ser el primer ministro de un país que investiga a sus primeros ministros, dijo. El primer ministro no está por encima de la ley, sino bajo la ley.

"On the plus side, the Olmert government has lead Israel during a period of unprecedented prosperity and economic growth. This may be only a matter of luck, but some types of luck are created. The complex foreign policy which angers both left and right seems to be based on a few realistic judgments that may be unpleasant but realistic:
Hamas, and not the Palestinian Authority, represent the future of the Palestinians, and there is nothing to be done about that. Israel must negotiate with the Palestinian Authority in order to please the United States. Given the lack of a realistic and strong Palestinian peace partner, the future of Jerusalem and the West Bank settlements will be determined in the long run by Israeli settlement there. The Lebanese government was probably never viable, and certainly was no longer viable after the Second Lebanon war, and the withdrawal of real French and American support. The United States will be folding its tents in the Middle East following the Iraq war, and the Sarkozy government is no longer interested in intervening against Syria. Therefore, the most realistic course is to an attempt to find an independent diplomatic solution with Syria.
Perspective may give us more wisdom to judge whether these policies were correct." Siga leyendo aquí el análisis de Ami Isserof

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