lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

Epifanía en una librería neonazi en España

El weblog Roi Word comienza una serie de artículos que reproduce el periódico Haaretz con el sugerente título:
"Epiphany in a Spanish neo-Nazi bookstore". En el que habla el autor de la impresión que le causó La Librería Europa .

"“I just began a series of articles in Haaretz on being a Jew in Barcelona and returning back to Israel. The first is about my experience in a Neo-Nazi bookstore.
Here is an excerpt:
“A bookstore full of Nazi-phile content is a particularly vulgar phenomenon for a Jewish writer. I can take Nazi speeches and demonstrations. I can take Nazi videos. I can even take Nazi music. But books? I find books to be the ultimate symbol of civilization. For me to desecrate a book has nothing to do with ripping apart its pages, or burning them - rather, it has everything to do with words.
A neo-Nazi bookstore is therefore a store dedicated to graphic abominations. I am aware that books, like any form of cultural technology, are amoral - vehicles for communication that can carry messages of falsehood or truth, beauty or ugliness, hate or love. But as a bibliophile and as a Jew (can the two really be differentiated), I reject such neutrality.”
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